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Hey, kids!

So, I am kind of a massive, massive jerk; possibly that goes without saying. I'm sorry for disappearing for no reason and not letting you guys know anything about it or what I planned to do about this Electorate thing for like almost half an entire year. It was kind of a dick move.

I have an excuse explanation for you: I no longer have access to a computer that can run the Sims 2. Now, people who have been following Electorate for Some Time Now (and can remember that far back - seriously, almost six months, I am so sorry) will possibly recall that, every few months, something went Horribly Wrong with my computer. That... got old really, really fast, and it also got pretty expensive (the amount of money I have wasted on this computer, I could have bought a super mega epic gaming computer, is how expensive and frustrating this thing has been).

The result of all this is that the vast majority of the rest of Electorate is just text. Which is not really a good thing to happen to your Sims 2-based story, as I am sure you can agree. Especially one so reliant on pictures as mine is. (What was I thinking!?) However, money is pretty tight, and it's been long enough that I can pretty confidently say that I am sick of getting my computer fixed every few months just so that I can take pictures of a video game.

So. Anyway, I have a plan to try and make it up to you. The plan is to post what remains of Electorate over the next little while, in its text-only form, but slightly adjusted so that you can hopefully understand what on earth is happening, just so that it is done and finished and you guys aren't left hanging and so on. If, at some point, I get access to a computer that can run Sims 2, I may actually shoot the rest of it, but I'm not holding my breath.

Basically: I suck, and I'm really sorry, and you guys are really stupidly great, and to those who asked: I am okay, and thank you for your concern, I really, really appreciate it.

And so yes.