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Electorate 074

Angie: "Look at us."

Anthony: "Junko's strays."

Lauren: "God, we are."

Anthony: "Remind me to get cat food after work."

Angie: "Okay."

Anthony: "What do you want for breakfast?"

Angie: "I'm not really hungry yet. It's too early."

Anthony: "Toast?"

Lauren: "I'll help."

Angie: "What are you doing here?"

Colin: "Can I come in?"

Angie: "I guess."

Colin: "Oh, everyone's here."

Colin: "Listen, I'm sorry for the stuff I said about your paintings. I didn't know your grandmother painted them."

Colin: "Why'd you take them down?"

Anthony: "If you're going to be here, you have to eat."

Colin: "Oh. I'm not hungry, thanks."

Angie: "I'm not hungry, either."

Anthony: "You're eating with us. Sorry."

Colin: "But I said I wasn't hungry."

Lauren: "Just enjoy the free food."

Angie: "They do this to me all the time. No use protesting."

Anthony: "That's the spirit."