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Electorate 076

Lisa: "Good morning, you."

Tim: "It is?"

Anna: "Just barely, but yes."

Tim: "I feel like shit."

Anna: "You look it."

Tim: "Have you guys seen my glasses?"

Lisa: "They're in the pantry."

Tim: "That makes sense."

Tim: "Is Colin up?"

Lisa: "He was a while ago, but he wasn't capable of communication yet so he went back to bed."

Anna: "He just sort of hobbled around and grunted. It was hilarious."

Tim: "What a slacker."

Anna: "You can talk!"

Tim: "When did you get up, then?"

Lisa: "Anna got up at ten. I got up around six, I think."

Tim: "There's something wrong with you."

Lisa: "I know."

Tim: "Nice of you to join us."

Colin: "Do we have any panadol?"

Anna: "He speaks!"

Lisa: "Should do. In the egg thingy."

Tim: "'The egg thingy'."

Lisa: "That's what it's called, yes."

Colin: "None here."

Lisa: "I've got to get some books; I'll pick more up on the way. Anything else we need?"

Tim: "Milk, butter. I think that's it."

Lisa: "Okay."

Colin: "Don't kiss me. I taste really bad."

Anna: "Get a room, you two."

Tim: "Might I remind you about you and Paul on the couch last night?"

Anna: "Perv."

Tim: "Exhibitionist."

Lisa: "Wow, I thought you were exaggerating. Did something die in there?"

Colin: "Probably."

Tim: "I thought I saw him trying to eat a dead bird."

Colin: "Wouldn't surprise me. Aren't those my shorts?"

Lisa: "Not anymore."

Colin: "Fair enough."

Lisa: "They're too small for you."

Colin: "How convenient."

Anna: "What she means is she took in the waist so they'd fit her."

Colin: "Well, that works, I guess."

Lisa: "Okay, see youse later. Be good."

Tim: "We will."

Lisa: "And can someone who isn't me do the dishes while I'm out?"

Tim: "Anna will."

Anna: "You're dreaming."

Lisa: "Sort it out amongst yourselves, kids."

Tim: "Yes, mum."

Colin: "Oh, my head."

Tim: "Mine's worse."

Colin: "Shut up."
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It's all so bright and cheery compared to the later (chronologically, anyway) events. I really love the way you write group scenes, they're very witty and sharp.