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Electorate 078

SCENE: Angie's apartment, day.

Angie and Anthony are sitting on the couch. There is a knock at the door; Anthony gets up to answer it. It is Erika, Angie's mum.

Anthony: "Hey, come in."

Erika: "Thank you, darling."

Angie gets up and walks over.

Angie: "Where's dad?"

Erika: "He's still in Werriwa for now, but he'll be here."

Tilly walks over. Erika picks her up.

Erika: "Oh, Tilly. Poor Tilly."

Anthony: "I better get to work."

Angie: "Don't forget cat food."

Anthony: "I won't. Thanks."

Anthony leaves; Erika puts Tilly back down.

Erika: "All right, now your turn."

She hugs Angie.

Erika: "Are you doing all right?"

Angie: "Yeah. Anthony and Lauren have been around a lot."

They stop hugging; Erika smiles.

Erika: "That's good. They're good kids. So are you."

Angie: "Do you want a drink? Tea?"

Erika: "I'll make it; it's all right."

Angie follows Erika to the kitchen. Erika starts making tea, and Angie sits at the table.

Erika: "What about Tim? Has he been around?"

Angie: "No; we broke up. I haven't really seen him."

Erika: "Oh. I'm sorry, darling."

Angie: "No big deal."

Erika comes to sit at the table with Angie with her cup of tea.

Erika: "You know grandma loved you very much."

Angie: "I know."

Erika: "She was very proud of you."

Angie: "Yes."

They sit in semi-awkward silence for a moment.

Erika: "You know she left you the house."

Angie: "I don't want it."

Erika: "Don't make a decision about that now. Dad and I can look after it for you."

Angie: "Just sell it."

Erika: "We're not selling it."

Angie: "It's my house."

Erika: "Angie, we're not going to sell it. You and I both grew up in that house."

Angie: "Yeah, and gran died in it. I don't want it."

Erika: "Granddad died there, too, but it's our home."

Another silence; Angie is sullen, but resigned.

Erika: "Like I said, dad and I will look after it for you, if you want."

Angie: "Thank you."

Erika: "We can take Tilly back with us, too."

Angie: "You've got that dog."

Erika: "Yes. They'd get used to each other, though. Angus is pretty docile."

Angie: "Angus."

Erika raises an eyebrow.

Erika: "That's his name."

Angie: "Should be Kitten."

Erika takes a sip of her tea. Angie stares at the table sullenly.

Angie: "I'd... I want Tilly to stay with me. She's old. She doesn't need the stress."

Erika: "No, you're right."
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It's a shame this is text-only because your pictures are always so good, but the emotional content still comes through.