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Electorate 081

SCENE: Angie's apartment, night.

Angie is in the lounge watching telly; Anthony lets himself in. He has a plastic bag full of cat food. Angie stands.

Anthony: "Hey."

Angie: "Hey."

Anthony: "Where's Erika?"

Angie: "She's staying at gran's."

Angie grimaces.

Angie: "Which I now own, apparently."

Anthony: "Fun."

Angie: "Hmm. Yes."

Anthony gives her a hug.

Angie: "What's for dinner?"

Anthony: "I'm not sure. Anything you particularly feel like?"

Angie smiles.

Angie: "Really oily and disgusting pretend Chinese food."

Anthony: "Can do."

Angie: "And a lot of alcohol."

Anthony: "Agreed."

Angie: "Well, not a lot. Just some."

Anthony: "If you say so."

Anthony makes his way to the kitchen to put the cat food away. Angie follows.

Angie: "Funeral on Friday."

Anthony: "Okay."

Angie: "Will you come?"

Anthony: "Of course I'm coming. Lauren, too."

Anthony finishes packing away the cat food.

Anthony: "I'll go get us some food. And grog. Feed Tilly while I'm out, yeah?"

Angie: "Okay. Thanks."