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Electorate 082

SCENE: Angies apartment, day.

Angie wakes up, gets out of bed, goes to the kitchen. Anthony is still in his pyjamas, making omelettes.

Angie: "Hey."

Anthony: "I was about to go in and wake you."

Angie sits at the table. Anthony finishes cooking and brings it over on two plates.

Angie: "Thanks."

They eat in silence. After a while, there is a knock at the door. Anthony gets up to answer it. It is Lauren; she is dressed in dark clothes.

Anthony: "Do you want breakfast?"

Lauren: "Yeah, thanks."

Anthony goes to put serve some more omelette. Lauren picks up Tilly, who has jumped off her chair to greet her.

Lauren: "Hey, Miss Matilda. Has she been fed?"

Angie: "Which 'she'?"

Lauren: "The fluffy one."

Anthony: "She has, yeah. Food's ready."

Lauren joins Angie and Anthony at the table. They eat in silence. Tilly get back on her chair in the lounge room and goes to sleep.

Angie: "When did you get up?"

Anthony: "Around seven. Tilly was scratching at the door, so I got up and fed her, then I couldn't get back to sleep."

Lauren gestures to her omelette.

Lauren: "This is good."

Angie: "Shouldn't have broken up with him."

Anthony: "She didn't break up with me."

Angie: "Are you ever going to get around to it?"

Lauren: "Probably not. It's been four years and we've still got a good thing going, right?"

Anthony: "Right."

Breakfast is eaten. Anthony cleans up.

Anthony: "I'm going to go back to my place for clothes and stuff, okay?"

Angie: "When will you be back?"

Anthony: "An hour, hour and a half, tops."

Lauren: "Tilly and me'll keep you company."

Anthony leaves. Angie stands.

Angie: "I guess I should have a shower and stuff."

Lauren: "Okay. Don't drown."

Angie: "If you hear flailing, come get me."

Lauren: "I will."

Angie goes to have a shower. Lauren watches some telly, then gets a coffee. The corpse is there, following her around. After a while, Angie comes back out. She is dressed now, in dark clothes.

Angie: "I didn't drown."

Lauren looks up at her. The corpse vanishes.

Lauren: "How're you doing?"

Angie: "I'm okay. I don't really want to go."

Lauren: "You don't have to go. I can stay here, with you, if you want."

Angie: "It's okay. Thanks, though."

There is another knock at the door. Angie goes to answer it and Lauren follows; Erika and Alex, Angie's parents, enter.

Angie: "Dad."

Angie and Alex hug.

Angie: "Do you want a drink? I have tea and coffee."

Erika: "None for me, thank you, darling."

Alex: "None for me, either, thank you. Hello, Lauren. You're looking well."

Alex and Lauren hug, then Erika and Lauren.

Lauren: "It's good to see you both."

Alex: "Under better circumstances, next time."

Lauren: "Yes."

Erika: "We have to leave soon. Is everyone ready?"

Angie: "We have to wait for Anthony. He won't be much longer."

Conveniently, at this point Anthony returns.

Alex: "Anthony, hello."

Anthony: "Hi. Hi, Erika."

Erika: "Is that everyone? I don't want to be late."

Angie: "That's everyone."

Alex: "Let's go, then."

They leave.
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I'm guessing this is the day of the funeral?

You're really good at capturing that awkward mood where nobody's really quire sure what to say, whether to make a joke...there's a lot of tension in the air, even without your pictures. Great update.