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Electorate 084

SCENE: Colin's apartment, morning.

Colin walks to the kitchen from his room. Angie is sleeping on his couch. Colin looks at Angie for a moment, then makes muesli, as quietly as possible.

Behind him, still asleep, Angie rolls off the couch. Colin turns, alarmed at first, then laughs. Angie sits up, rubbing her head.

Angie: "Fuck, that hurt."

Angie glares up at Colin.

Angie: "Stop laughing, you jerk."

Colin: "Are you okay?"

Angie stands up.

Angie: "I fell on my face, man."

Colin: "Do you want some muesli?"

Angie: "Unlikely."

Colin goes to sit at the table with his muesli; Angie follows suit and sits across from him.

Angie: "Where were you, last night?"

Colin: "Arthouse. I needed a drink."

Angie: "Alone?"

Colin: "Not technically, no."

Colin eats a spoonful of muesli while Angie watches him blearily.

Colin: "And then Josh's sister hit on me, so that was weird."

Angie: "He has a sister?"

Colin: "Apparently."

Angie grins.

Angie: "Is she hot?"

Colin: "Yeah. But also twelve."

Angie: "Damn."

Angie yawns and rubs her eyes.

Colin: "So, why'd you come here?"

Angie: "I don't know."

Colin watches her sceptically until she relents.

Angie: "Okay. Don't laugh."

Colin: "I won't."

Angie: "I have had a bad couple of weeks. I wanted to see Tim, but you're the closest I could get."

Colin: "Ah."

At this, Colin returns his attention to breakfast.

Angie: "Well, this is awkward."

Colin shrugs.

Colin: "It makes a fucked up kind of sense, I guess."

He glances up at her.

Colin: "I take it Tim isn't the only bad thing, then?"

Angie: "My gran, also. Died."

Colin: "That... really, really sucks."

Angie: "Yeah."

Colin: "I'm sorry, Angie."

Angie: "S'okay. I think I'm mostly still numb."

Colin: "I know the feeling."

Angie watches him carefully.

Angie: "Do you miss her?"

Colin: "All the time."

Angie: "What was she like?"

Colin: "Crazy weird hippie kid who got dressed in the dark to the point that half of her clothes were actually mine. Liked muesli. She was a freak about muesli. Excruciatingly polite. And funny, and smart."

Colin smiles.

Colin: "I don't think you would have liked her very much."

Angie: "No, probably not."

Colin: "I can't remember her face properly anymore."

Angie shifts uncomfortably.

Angie: "I feel like I should give you a hug, or something, but. You know."

Colin: "Yeah, it'd be weird. And by the time we got out of the chairs the moment'd be over, which would be awkward."

Angie: "Sorry, though."

Colin: "Me, too."

Proud of their ability to have emotions, they fall back into a comfortable silence.

Colin: "How's your face?"

Angie: "I think my nose might be bruised."

His muesli finished, Colin leans back in his chair, watching Angie carefully.

Colin: "You know Tim went back to Lindsay, don't you."

Angie: "Really? Bastard."

Colin smiles.

Colin: "I was just thinking that."

They sit in silence for a while.

Colin: "Do you want to go get him?"

Angie: "I don't think he'd come."

Colin: "He loves you. God knows why, but he does."

Angie: "He loves you, too. Out of pity, probably. He still left."

Colin: "So?"

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