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Electorate 085

Anna: "Oi."

Tim: "Hey."

Anna: "Come sit."

Tim: "Look at her."

Anna: "I know. She's so cute when she's unconscious."

Anna: "I should put her in the cot."

Tim: "It's not like she's going to roll off the bed."

Anna: "No, true."

Anna: "Why're you here?"

Tim: "Everyone keeps asking me that."

Anna: "Yeah, and you keep not answering. So we're going to keep asking."

Tim: "My life exploded."

Anna: "Get a little perspective, Timmy."

Tim: "Sorry."

Anna: "All right, details, then."

Tim: "I got fired, I couldn't pay the rent, no one would hire me, I broke up with this girl. So I pretty much chickened out and came running back to mummy, which is pretty pathetic."

Anna: "It is, yeah."

Anna: "You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend."

Tim: "There wasn't really a good time to say so, with everything going on."

Anna: "Yeah."

Anna: "How is Colin, anyway?"

Tim: "I don't know. He was pretty rough for a while. He's doing better, but he's not... I don't know. He's not properly Colin."

Anna: "I miss her."

Tim: "Me, too."

Anna: "I miss him, too. You took him away from me."

Tim: "He needed to get away from here. There was too much shit."

Anna: "Still."

Anna: "You left him alone in that hole so you could come back here."

Tim: "I'm sorry."

Anna: "Doesn't matter. Too late, now, anyway."

Anna: "Why'd you guys break up?"

Tim: "I don't know. It's complicated."

Anna: "What isn't?"

Tim: "She didn't like me anymore, I guess."

Anna: "Why?"

Tim: "I don't know, because I'm a massive jerk who hates fun?"

Anna: "You are that."

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