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Electorate 088

SCENE: Bus to Lindsay, day. It is raining.

Angie is resting her head on Colin's shoulder, eyes closed.

After a while, Colin looks down at Angie, then pushes her head away. Angie opens her eyes.

Angie: "Fuck off."

Colin: "You were hurting my shoulder."

Angie sits up. Colin watches her, amused.

Angie: "Fuck your shoulder."

Colin: "How would I do that, exactly?"

Angie: "You'll figure it out."

Angie scowls.

Angie: "Remind me again why I decided spending several hours in a confined space with you would be a good idea?"

Colin: "You want me?"

Angie: "I'm going to be sick."

Colin: "Next stop's ours; you can flee then."

Mercifully, they don't have to wait long before the bus slows to a halt at their stop.

Colin: "Okay, here we go."

Angie: "Thank God."

Colin: "Thank him yourself."

They get off the bus, Angie with her small suitcase, Colin with an old backpack slung over his shoulder.

Colin: "This way."

Angie: "Do you have to turn everything into a fight?"

Colin: "Me?"

They begin walking.

Angie: "Yeah, you."

Colin: "Angie, I think you're projecting."

Angie: "I think not."

Colin grins.

Colin: "I think you just want to give me a kiss."

Angie: "I'd rather die, but thanks."

Colin: "You love me."

Angie: "What I feel for you is the exact opposite of love."

Colin: "Oh, please. All the fights you pick, the constant bickering, the following me to Lindsay, the everything else you do - how is that not love?"

Angie: "You're disgusting."

Colin makes to pounce on her, but she manages to dodge and run away. Colin chases her down the street, shouting after her.

Colin: "But Angie, I love you!"

Angie: "Jesus fuck, knock it off!"

Colin: "Okay, okay. Turn left."

Once she makes it to the corner she stops and waits for Colin to catch up.

Angie: "How long 'til we're there?"

Colin: "Couple more blocks."

Angie: "So enough time for me to not be panting and freaking your sister out?"

They resume walking side by side.

Colin: "If you're panting from that amount of running, you're really unfit."

Angie: "I'm panting from the suitcase and being fucking terrified, you skeevy little fuck."

Colin: "You do want me!"

Angie rolls her eyes and smiles.

Angie: "Oh, for God's sake. 'You' and 'fuck' in the same sentence does not a secret lust make."

Colin: "Sure, because it's no secret."

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