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Electorate 089

SCENE: Atkins-Grimshaw house, Lindsay, day. It is raining.

Tim's car is parked on the curb. Angie and Colin walk up to the front door. Colin knocks. After a while, Lachlan answers.

Colin: "Hey, Lockie, is -"

Lachlan: "Timmy, Colin's here!"

Tim: "What?"

Angie: "Timmy?"

Tim comes running down the stairs and to the front door, coming to a halt behind Lachlan. He is briefly shocked to see that Angie is also there.

Tim: "Go play, Lachlan."

Lachlan turns and runs away down the hall.

Tim: "And don't answer the door! For God's sake. Get someone else to do it."

Lachlan: "Next time I'll get Claire!"

Tim: "Not Claire, you little - child."

Angie: "Timmy?"

Tim turns back to Colin and Angie.

Tim: "What are you doing here?"

Colin: "Can we come in?"

Tim: "I guess."

Tim stands aside to let them in, closing the door after them. Colin and Tim stare at each other, faces blank and arms crossed. Angie stares at the floor.

Tim: "Did someone die?"

Colin: "Stop right there."

Tim: "It was a joke."

Colin: "It was a shitty joke."

Angie: "It's fine."

Colin: "No. It was a shitty joke."

Anna: "Colin?"

Anna appears in the doorway of the lounge room.

Anna: "Oh, my God."

Anna hurries towards them and wraps Colin in a hug.

Anna: "Look at you, you fucking disaster."

Colin: "How're you doing?"

Anna: "It's good to see you."

Colin: "You can't actually see me."

Anna laughs and lets him go, gesturing to Angie.

Anna: "Who's this?"

Colin: "This is Angie. She's our... person. From Electorate."

Anna: "I'm Anna."

Angie smiles nervously.

Angie: "Nice to meet you."

Anna: "What are you guys doing here?"

Colin: "We came to punch Tim in the face."

Angie: "Timmy."

Anna smiles and rolls her eyes.

Anna: "Yeah, can't say I blame you."

Tim: "I can."

Colin: "No talking, Tim."

Anna: "Do you guys want a drink?"

Tim glares at Colin.

Tim: "You came all the way here, I assume to see me, and I'm not even allowed to talk?"

Colin: "That's right."

Tim: "Why?"

Colin: "Because you say stupid shit."

Angie: "Colin, it's fine. It's fine."

Amazingly, Tim manages to get the hint. He looks at Angie, concerned.

Tim: "Angie, what happened?"

Angie: "Oh, for - Gran died, okay?"

Tim: "Oh, Angie."

Tim steps forward and hugs Angie, who begins to cry, much to her annoyance.

Tim: "I'm sorry."

Angie: "Yes, everyone's been very fucking sorry."

Tim: "Are you okay?"

Angie: "No, I'm not. Can you please get off me?"

Tim lets her go and takes a step back. Angie wipes her eyes in frustration.

Tim: "I'm sorry."

Angie: "Yeah, you said. If we could stop airing my personal shit in front of random strangers, I'd really appreciate it."

Tim: "She's not random, she's my sister."

Anna: "Timothy, knock it off."

Tim turns to Anna is surprise.

Tim: "You're my sister!"

Anna: "And so? She's never met me before and you're making her cry in front of me."

Tim: "I'm not making her cry."

Anna: "You're making her cry, Timmy."

Tim scowls petulantly. Anna turns to Angie, her voice and expression gentle.

Anna: "The bathroom's through here."

Angie: "Thank you."

Anna leads Angie away, leaving Tim and Colin in awkward silence.

Tim: "Well, that's me told."

Colin: "You deserved that."

Tim: "Okay."

Colin: "You did."

This said, Colin grins.

Colin: "I love her angry mum voice."

Tim: "You won't when it's directed at you."

Tim stares at him for a moment, then laughs.

Tim: "You're disgusting."

Colin shrugs.

Tim: "You want a drink?"

Colin: "Yeah, thanks."

They go into the kitchen, where Tim fills a glass of water from the tap. Colin takes a seat at the table.

Tim: "How long are you guys staying for?"

Colin: "Dunno'. How long are you planning on staying for?"

Tim: "Forever? I don't know."

Colin: "Come back with us."

Tim turns and sets the glass in front of Colin.

Tim: "Dude, she hates me. You saw."

Colin: "Dude, she came all the way here."

Tim: "I can't even touch her!"

Colin stares at him.

Colin: "That is one of the most stupid things you've ever said."

Tim: "You know what I mean."

Colin: "No, I don't."

Anna enters the kitchen carrying Claire.

Anna: "Timmy, can you grab some water for her?"

Tim: "Yeah."

Colin gets up, smiling. Tim goes back to the sink for water.

Colin: "Hello, cutie."

Anna: "Oh, don't."

Colin: "Not you."

Anna puts Claire down.

Anna: "That was tactful."

Colin: "Where's Angie?"

Anna: "Still in the bathroom, probably."

Colin: "I'll go check on her."
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Colin's protective posturing over Angie makes me so happy and I cannot even explain why.
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You have turned me into such an Angie/Colin shipper and now I feel like I'm betraying Tim somehow.