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Electorate 090

SCENE: Atkins-Grimshaw house, Lindsay.

Colin knocks on the bathroom door.

Colin: "Hey, it's just me."

Angie: "Go away."

Colin: "Are you okay?"

Angie: "I'm fine."

Colin leans against the door.

Colin: "Do you need anything?"

Angie: "Go away."

Colin sighs and crosses his arms.

Colin: "How long are you planning to stay in there?"

Angie: "I don't know."

Colin: "Okay, I'm coming in."

He does so. Angie is sitting on the floor with her knees against her chest, crying. Colin closes the door behind him, then kneels in front of her.

Colin: "Hey."

Angie looks up, smiling wetly.

Angie: "Hey."

Colin: "What are you doing on the floor?"

Angie: "Embarrassing myself."

They stand up.

Angie: "I don't even really know why I'm crying."

Colin: "You have had a pretty shitty couple of weeks."

Angie: "Yeah."

Colin: "Topped off by being stuck with me for the past few days."

Angie: "That's the worst bit."

Angie wipes her face.

Colin: "You look pathetic."

He gives her a hug, patting her hair awkwardly.

Colin: "Shhh."

Angie: "You shhh."

Angie laughs.

Angie: "This's so you can't see my face anymore, right?"

Colin: "Pretty much."

Angie: "I'll snot on you."

Colin: "I didn't realise that was a verb."

Angie: "I do what I like."

Colin: "I noticed. Better?"

Angie: "Yeah."

They stop hugging; Angie washes her face.

Colin: "We can fuck off to my sister's if you're sick of it here."

Angie: "No, it's all right. I'd rather get this sorted."

Angie dries her face, then turns to face him.

Colin: "Ready?"

Angie: "I think you're just being nice to me to make yourself feel better."

Colin: "You're very perceptive."

They go to the kitchen; Tim and Anna are at the table. Claire is sitting on the floor, looking at a picture book.

Anna: "You right?"

Angie: "Yep. Thanks."

Anna gets up from the table and picks Claire up.

Anna: "C'mon, baby cake."

Tim: "Where are you going?"

Anna: "Nap time. Wish me luck."

Colin: "Good luck."

Anna and Claire leave; after a while, Tim stands.

Colin: "So."

Tim: "Yes?"

Colin: "What, exactly, made you think leaving without telling anyone would be a good idea?"

Tim: "I don't know."

Colin: "That's encouraging."

Angie: "Anthony's pretty angry at you."

Tim: "Fair enough."

Angie: "Do you even actually care?"

Tim: "Of course I care."

Angie: "Why'd you leave, then?"

Tim: "Why not?"

Angie: "What - why not? Are you serious?"

Tim pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs.

Tim: "Might as well be, yes."

Colin: "Are you trying really hard to make everyone hate you or does it just come naturally?"

Tim: "Oh, come on. I needed to get away from there."

Angie: "We needed you to stay."

Tim: "'We'? Anthony only needs my money, and I don't actually have money, so I don't see how I'm hurting him."

Angie: "What about Colin? What about me?"

Tim: "What about you? You broke up with me!"

Angie: "What, you fucked off back here because I broke up with you? What are you, twelve?"

Tim: "I fucked off here because all you fucking do is screech and shout and give me shit for no fucking reason and I got really, really sick of it, and now you follow me here just so you can keep doing the same shit, so that worked out well, didn't it?"

Angie stares at him, shocked, then stalks past him and out the back door, slamming it shut behind her.

Colin: "So... you're trying really hard to make everyone hate you."

Tim: "Looks that way."

Colin: "Well done."
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While I do think Tim shouldn't have left without saying anything, Angie is making it REALLY hard for me to feel *too* bad about what he just said about her - Cuz it's true. She's a right pill. :/

Thanks for all the updates! I don't even mind not having pictures (how sad is it that I can picture them all pretty well?), since tbh, I tend to just glance at them and move on to the text quickly. :)
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Gah I can't pick a side. My newfound Colin/Angie shipperness is all-a-flutter, then I'm angry at Tim, but then I agree with Tim, and then I feel sorry for Angie. Conflicting emotions, ahoy.