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Electorate 094

SCENE: Angie's apartment, day.

Lauren knocks on the front door. Anthony answers.

Lauren: "Hey."

Anthony: "Hey, come in."

She goes inside. Anthony closes the door behind her.

Anthony: "I already ate, but do you want anything?"

Lauren: "Nah, thanks. I had lunch already."

They go into the kitchen, where Anthony has been washing dishes.

Lauren: "How're you doing?"

Anthony: "I'm all right. Tilly's all right."

Lauren: "That's good."

Anthony: "How's yourself?"

Lauren: "Fine, I think. Something happened."

Anthony: "Are you okay?"

Lauren: "No, I'm fine. I just - you know Josh?"

Anthony raises an eyebrow, clearly amused.

Anthony: "I do, actually, yes."

Lauren: "What a coincidence."

Anthony: "So... Josh happened?"

Lauren: "I think so."

Anthony: "And that's fine?"

Lauren: "Probably."

Lauren smiles.

Lauren: "You don't mind?"

Anthony: "We have an open relationship."

Lauren: "Good to know."

They sit down at the table.

Anthony: "We can break up instead, if you want."

Lauren: "No, it's all right."

Anthony: "Fair enough."

Anthony sighs.

Anthony: "Mum called, yesterday."

Lauren scowls.

Lauren: "What did she want?"

Anthony: "My words exactly."

Lauren nods.

Lauren: "How's money?"

Anthony: "Bad. Even if he comes back... I dunno'. It's not like he was helping much with the rent, anyway."

Lauren: "Move in with me. We can move the chairs from the spare room. Put them on the roof, maybe."

Anthony: "Oh, I'll look forward to that, definitely."

Lauren: "It'll be fun. Like sleepovers."

Anthony: "Sure. We can roast marshmellows and watch telly and do whatever else it is people do."

Lauren: "Stay up all night."

Anthony: "Every single night."

Lauren: "Yes."

Lauren leans back in her chair.

Lauren: "What if he comes back?"

Anthony: "He'll have to sort something else out, I guess. It's not like I owe him anything."

Lauren: "No, true."

She wipes a few crumbs off the table, not meeting his eyes.

Lauren: "Has Angie called?"

Anthony: "No."

Lauren: "She said she would."

Anthony: "Yeah, well."

Anthony sighs.

Anthony: "I'll ring her tomorrow and tell her to call you."

Lauren: "Thank you."