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Electorate 095

SCENE: Atkins-Grimshaw house, Lindsay.

Colin walks to the lounge. Anna is standing in front of the heater.

Colin: "She asleep already?"

Anna: "Yes, bless her entire face. I thought we should make a run for it before the shouting started."

Colin: "We wouldn't have shouted in front of her."

Anna: "I know you wouldn't. Not sure about Tim anymore, though."

Colin stands beside Anna, then nudges her with his shoulder. Anna grins at him.

Anna: "Missed you."

Colin: "Missed you, too. And Claire."

Anna: "We're good like that."

Anna pulls at her ponytail absent-mindedly.

Anna: "We went to visit her, a couple of weeks ago."

Colin: "Yeah?"

Anna: "Mm. We didn't stay long."

Colin: "No."

Anna: "I mean, it's not... horrible, or anything."

Anna laughs, shrugging.

Anna: "It's just fucking bizarre, really."

Colin: "Yeah."

Anna gestures toward the door leading to the hallway.

Anna: "Where's Tim?"

Colin: "Apologising. Hopefully. He's either apologising or shouting at her again."

Anna: "Ace."

Colin: "I'll check on them in a minute."

Anna sighs, frustrated.

Anna: "He didn't used to do shit like that."

Colin: "Yeah, well."

She grins.

Anna: "He used to be cool."

Colin laughs. Neither says anything for a while.

Colin: "I might go see her, while I'm here."

Anna: "Yeah?"

Colin: "I may as well. Maybe tomorrow."

Anna: "Want me to come with you?"

Colin: "Should be right. Thanks, though."

Colin rubs his face. He sounds tired.

Colin: "I'll get Angie to meet me here after, or something."

Anna: "Sounds good."

Colin: "I better go check on them, I guess."

Anna: "Good luck, then."