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Electorate 096

SCENE: Atkins-Grimshaw house, Lindsay, night.

Ruth walks into the kitchen with a bag of shopping. Colin, Claire and Anna are there.

Anna: "Colin's here."

Ruth: "Where goes one, there goes the other. Hello, dear."

Colin: "Hey."

Ruth: "Unpack that lot for me, Anna, would you?"

Colin: "I'll do it."

Colin gets up and goes to unpack.

Anna: "Their friend, Angie, is here, too."

Ruth: "Are you staying for dinner? You're welcome to."

Colin: "Uh, I'm not sure. I'll check with Ange."

Ruth: "And you've both got somewhere to stay?"

Colin: "With Tash, yeah."

Anna: "Byron's out, and Sophie's at Kelly's."

Ruth: "On a Sunday?"

Anna: "She'll be right."

Ruth: "Yes, well."

Anna: "We're over at Meg's on Tuesday, too."

Ruth: "At least you give me some warning. Dad'll be home in a bit."

Colin looks up from the shopping.

Colin: "How is Meg?"

Anna: "She's good, yeah. She's living in a shop front."

Colin: "Nice one."

Tim and Angie come in from out the back.

Anna: "Oh, Ruth, this is Angie."

Ruth: "Nice to meet you. I'm Tim's mum."

Angie: "Nice to meet you."

Anna: "She's also the mother of various other people, except for the people she isn't the mother of."

Ruth: "That sounds about right."

Colin: "We can stay for dinner, if we want."

Angie: "Oh. Is that okay, though?"

Ruth: "Of course. There's enough for everyone. And anyone else who takes it upon themselves to follow Tim around. Where's Lachlan?"

Anna: "In the lounge. Ngaire and Jordy are somewhere, too, probably."

Colin finishes putting the shopping away. Ruth gets started on dinner.

Ruth: "We're having spaghetti; is that okay, Angie? You're not allergic to anything?"

Tim: "She's a vegetarian."

Angie: "No, no, it's fine. I don't mind."

Tim: "You get sick if you eat meat, Angie."

Angie looks worried, clearly not wanting to impose.

Angie: "Really, it's okay, it's no trouble."

Ruth: "I'll make you something else. Do you eat eggs?"

Angie: "Oh. Yes, I do. But I really don't mind."

Ruth: "I appreciate that you're being polite, but it really is no trouble."

Angie relaxes, resigned to her fate.

Angie: "Thank you, then."

Colin: "Was that so hard?"

Bruce, Tim's step-father, arrives home and makes his way into the kitchen.

Bruce: "All right, everyone? Colin, I didn't expect to see you."

Ruth: "Tim turned up and you didn't expect to see Colin?"

Anna: "Hi, dad. That's Angie."

Bruce: "Nice to meet you, Angie. My name's Bruce."

Angie: "Nice to meet you."

Bruce: "Are you Colin's girlfriend, or?"

Both Colin and Angie are unable to keep their horror from showing.

Angie: "Friend. Just friend."

Colin: "More sort of enemy."

Bruce nods at Angie, indicating her white and pink hair.

Bruce: "Is that your natural colour?"

Angie grins.

Angie: "Yeah."

Bruce: "Tim's isn't. He left with normal hair and came back with whatever it is that's going on there."

Tim frowns.

Tim: "I like it."

Anna: "You have no taste."

Ruth looks up from spooning sauce onto the pasta.

Ruth: "Where are you from, Angie?"

Angie: "Electorate."

Ruth: "Originally, I mean."

Angie: "I was born there."

Anna stares at Ruth.

Anna: "Got any more like those, Ruth?"

Ruth: "Just making conversation. Sorry, love. Dinner's ready, anyway."

Anna: "All right, I better put the food stealer to bed."

Tim: "I'll go and get the others."

Colin: "Ange, come with us."

Bruce laughs.

Bruce: "He says 'I', and they both go."

Anna: "They're one person. You should know that by now."

Tim, Colin, and Angie go out into the hallway, towards the lounge room.

Colin: "Angie, there's something I've got to do tomorrow."

Angie: "What is it?"

Colin: "Just something. Can you amuse yourself for a few hours and then we can meet back here? At around three or so?"

Angie: "I am capable of surviving without outside forces waving shiny things in front of my face."

Tim: "Only for a few hours."

Colin: "I'll only be a few hours."

Angie: "So that worked out well, yes."

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