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Electorate 097

SCENE: A new years eve party, Lindsay, night.

Lisa is standing outside on the verandah alone, smoking. A bottle of alcohol is beside her on the railing, which has had a string of fairy lights wrapped around it, fastened clumsily with gaffer tape. Tim comes out of the house, grog in hand.

Tim: "There you are."

Lisa: "Here I am. Hello, you."

Tim leans an arm on the railing next to her.

Tim: "Happy new year."

Lisa: "Already?"

Tim: "It has been for... a little bit, probably."

Lisa: "There you are, then."

Lisa raises an eyebrow.

Lisa: "Did you kiss Colin?"

Tim: "Only on the cheek."

Lisa: "I don't actually want to share him, you know."

Tim: "On the cheek only!"

Lisa: "I like how you think if you restructure the sentence it'll be more convincing."

Lisa grins.

Lisa: "Five bucks, please."

Tim: "Oh, fine. Remind me again when I find my wallet."

Lisa: "Where is it?"

Tim: "I don't know. That's the point."

Lisa nods and takes a swig of her drink.

Lisa: "That makes sense."

Tim: "What're you doing out here?"

Lisa: "Cigarette."

Tim: "Ah."

Lisa: "And the music is really loud."

Tim: "It is a bit."

Lisa: "I wouldn't mind, except it's also really bad."

Tim: "Chuck something else on. Ryan won't mind, maybe."

Lisa: "Can't be bothered. And I'd probably break the... thing, and then Thingy'd get mad at me."

Tim: "'Thingy'?"

Lisa: "I don't bloody know. You said. Ryan."

Tim: "Ah. Probably, yeah, best not, really, actually."

Lisa: "That's a very peculiar sentence."

Tim laughs.

Tim: "You say 'Thingy', I say whatever it was I just said."

Lisa: "Sounds fair."

Tim kisses Lisa on the head. They look at each other, smiling, then kiss.

Lisa: "Oh. Huh."

Tim: "That... wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done, yes."

Despite this, they decide to do it again.

Lisa: "This is a really - we're on the verandah."

Tim: "Yes."

Lisa: "This is a stupid place to be."

Tim nods and walks toward the stairs.

Tim: "Come on."

Lisa: "Where are we going?"

Tim: "Somewhere. Not here."

Lisa puts out her cigarette, then goes to him. They walk up the gravel road together towards the end of the street.

Lisa: "We're being very silly."

Tim: "Yes."

Lisa: "I mean... really, very silly."

Tim: "I know."

They reach the end of the street, which turns out to be someone else's front lawn.

Lisa: "This is ridiculous."

Tim: "Probably."

They sit on the ground, under a tree.

Lisa: "This is someone's front lawn, Tim."

Tim: "I can see that, yes."

Lisa: "I think there's someone home. I can't tell if that's the porch light or not."

Tim: "We'll be quiet."

Lisa: "Really."

Tim grins at her and kisses her again.

Tim: "Try to be quiet."

They lie down on the grass.

Lisa: "There's a stick in my back."

Tim: "Sorry. I should have brought a jacket."

Lisa: "Yeah, you'd think we hadn't thought this through or something."

Tim: "I know, right?"

They kiss for a while before Tim pulls away.

Tim: "I'm taking your pants."

Lisa: "Take my shoes first."

Tim: "Shoes are boring."

Lisa: "You're boring."

Tim: "I'll show you boring."

Tim pauses, frowning.

Tim: "Hang on."

Lisa: "I'm sure that sounded more promising in your head."

Tim: "Probably, yeah."

He sits up again in order to unlace her shoes. Lisa stares up at the tree.

Lisa: "We are horrible people."

Tim: "I know."

Lisa: "Genuinely horrible people."

Tim: "Yes."

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