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Electorate 098

Contains: discussion of suicide.

SCENE: Atkins-Grimshaw house, Lindsay.

Colin lets himself in and walks to the lounge room, looking a bit distraught. Anna gets up from the lounge where Tim and she were sitting.

Anna: "Hey."

Colin: "Hey."

She leads Colin to her room, where Claire is in her cot, sleeping, and closes the door behind her.

Anna: "You okay?"

Colin: "She's down there being... rotting, and being eaten by... which is, seriously, the most stupid thing in the entire - how is that even possible? And it's cold and - and dark, and she shouldn't be down there."

Anna makes a sympathetic noise and pulls him into a hug.

Colin: "I feel like if I just, I don't know. I wanted to dig her up right then with my bare hands and then she'd be okay, because that - that isn't illogical at all."

Anna: "It's internally consistent, sort of. I mean, she's dead when she goes in, surely she'll be alive if she comes out."

Colin: "Yeah."

Colin pulls away, rubbing his face.

Colin: "If I did that... I mean, that's horrific, right?"

Anna: "Yeah."

Colin: "Normal people don't think this kind of shit."

Anna: "Normal people think whatever the fuck they like."

Anna smiles.

Anna: "If you start seriously considering it as an option, tell me, but otherwise I think you're probably okay."

Colin: "Is that your professional opinion?"

Anna: "Basically."

Colin sighs and stares at his hands.

Colin: "I don't want to go back there."

Anna: "You don't have to go back. You don't have to do anything."

Colin: "If I don't, I feel like I'm letting her down or something. Like she'll be lonely."

Anna: "She's got a whole graveyard of people to hang out with."

Colin: "She doesn't know any of them."

Colin rubs his eyes.

Colin: "And I don't want to go back, and even if I did I've moved ages away so I can't even see her."

Anna: "You have no reason to feel guilty."

Colin raises an eyebrow. Anna smiles at him sadly.

Colin: "What if she wanted me to be there and I wasn't and now she hates me?"

Anna: "Colin..."

Colin: "I could have stopped her."

Anna sighs.

Anna: "You really couldn't have."

Colin: "I should have been there."

Anna: "She would have found another time. She would have made another time happen."

Colin: "You're wrong."

Anna: "Listen to me. There is nothing you could have done. If you'd found her then, she just would have found a better time, gone somewhere else, used something else, whatever. She just would have tried again. That is not your fault, okay?"

Colin doesn't meet her eyes, but nods.

Anna: "Okay?"

Colin: "Okay."

She hugs him again.

Colin: "Fucking hell."

Anna: "I know."

Colin: "This is hard. This is really hard."

Anna: "I know. I don't think it'll get easier. Not really."

Colin: "Yeah, I didn't think it would."

After a while, she pulls away. Colin sighs.

Colin: "I miss her."

Anna: "I miss her, too."

Colin: "Thanks."

Anna: "I'll say it again. I've got no problem taping myself saying it and then gluing earphones to your head so you hear it twenty-four-seven, if it comes to that."

Colin: "Oh, good."

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