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Electorate 101

SCENE: Atkins-Grimshaw house, Lindsay, day.

Colin is sitting on the low fence outside the front of the house, staring at his feet. Angie walks up the street toward him. He does not look up. She sits beside him.

Angie: "I think I found God."

Colin: "Where was he?"

Angie: "Outside."

Colin smiles faintly, but doesn't reply. After a long while, he speaks.

Colin: "Lisa cheated on me with Tim."

Angie: "What?"

Colin: "For two years."

Angie: "Shit, man."

Angie shakes her head.

Angie: "I don't know what to say."

Colin smiles and looks up at her.

Colin: "That's new."

They sit in silence for a while.

Angie: "You're not okay."

Colin: "No, I'm not."

Colin shrugs.

Colin: "I loved her. Him, too."

Angie: "I know the feeling."

He looks up at her, then. There are tears in her eyes.

Colin: "You're not okay, either."

Angie: "No."

Angie blinks back the tears and sighs. She looks at Colin; their eyes meet.

Colin: "I want to go home, Angie."

Angie: "Me, too."

They stand.

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is that the end of the story?